Oliver Hafenbauer

Oliver Hafenbauer is an experienced and versatile DJ with a long-standing history of being one of the key figures in the local club scene and beyond. Stylistically compelled to what is beat-driven and highly danceable, he has the perfect sensitivity for the contexts he is involved with. Oliver set his priorities differently a while ago when he hung up a potential career in architecture and decided to go for the music after having DJed for years and promoted his party series. Oliver’s steady commitment to Offenbach’s vastly respected venue has brought him wide recognition: For over a decade now, he functions as music director of Robert Johnson and manages the associated label of the same name on a day-to- day basis.

Working behind the scenes allows not only different perspectives but enables many alliances. Rather than producing as a strategy, he consequently fosters talent on his imprint Die Orakel, where he releases music positively undetermined between dance and ambient by artists like upsammy, Orson Wells, or Roman Flügel. Last but not least, his approach to playing music as a conceptual act within diverse networks of artists and audiences is what makes of him an allrounder of many qualities.