As the name states Live at Robert Johnson is the associated label of the respected venue in Offenbach and incorporates what the club stands for. The imprint has been establishing a solid ground for the new Frankfurt sound since 2009. By featuring internationally acclaimed artists LARJ has been providing DJs and audiences with essential tunes in an extensive range of high-quality house music. Laid-back dance-floor awareness with a sense for particularity in sound is what might describe best most of the releases and artists. A&R Ata Macias and renowned residents of the club Roman Flügel, Chinaski, Massimiliano Pagliara or O-Wells have been popularising the current states of affairs not only through releases but also by touring and showcasing around the globe.

Designer and friend Michael Satter has provided a visual identity that follows the values of Live at Robert Johnson and the club itself: Stripped down with a feeling for the interrelatedness of things.