Die Orakel (Engl. the oracles) might not know it all but has the capacity to observe and sense it: Oliver Hafenbauer’s imprint operates as an experimental field for electronic music on the playfully indecisive end where it exceeds genre-specificity to focus on tunes that function beyond. This is not to say that there are no four-to-the-floor productions. The Frankfurt-based label features contributions by artists like Black Merlin, Edward, Roman Flügel, upsammy or O-Wells, all known as dance floor doyens. The releases yet encompass what can slip the attention on a traditional dance label.

Uplifting and downtempo appear here as two categories that do not exclude each other. The visual representation of the venture is undertaken by Studio Michael Satter, Stefan Haag and label boss Oliver Hafenbauer himself, who have a clear approach to communicating Die Orakel’s standards.

Available for label label nights with featured artists and friends.